Millet Butternut Squash & Plum Puree [6m+]

Made this yummy millet butternut squash and plum puree while baby boy was sleeping. Millet is not just for the birds. When you find out all the benefits of millet nutrition, you'll want to include this grain-like seed in your own diet! It is also a great substitute to couscous. 🙂 MILLET IS FULL OF … Continue reading Millet Butternut Squash & Plum Puree [6m+]


Banana Avocado & Quinoa Puree [6m+]

A super healthy treat for my baby boy! I put him on his baby björn bouncer and gave him his puree in a Resqueeze reusable food pouch while I was washing up. He finished everything before me! 😄 He clearly loves eating from a food pouch! ❤ Ingredients 1 ripe small banana 1/4 avocdo 1 … Continue reading Banana Avocado & Quinoa Puree [6m+]